There are often many hidden penalties

--in addition to paying the fine--for a traffic ticket, and some of them can be severe. Paying a ticket can often result in higher insurance premiums that you will have to pay years into the future. In Harris County, a single ticket has the potential to raise your automobile insurance rate by $1,200 per year for three years. That is an increase of $3,600 for paying one ticket!

Paying a ticket may result in the suspension of your drivers license, the loss of your driving privileges, or expensive surcharges (taxes) assessed against you under the new "Texas Points System" (Driver Responsibility Program). Highlights of the state scheme (a TAX by any other name) include: 2 points assessed for any conviction of a moving traffic violation or 3 Points assessed for any conviction of a moving traffic violation resulting in an accident. Collect 6 or more points in any 36 month period, and you will be billed at least $100 per year to renew your license. Convicted of a DWI? Pay $1000 to $2000 each year for 3 years. Driving without a valid license? Pay $100 each year for 3 years. Driving without auto insurance? Pay $250 each year for 3 years. Failure to pay these surcharges will cause suspension and/or denial of renewal of your license to drive!

If you have missed a court date, and have a Failure to Appear or a warrant for your arrest, Charles Brown can help lift your warrant. We post bonds at the City of Houston as well as most courts in Harris and surrounding counties.

As a traffic ticket lawyer we offer representation and settlement services to keep your driving record clear without your attendance at court. Our services include contacting the court, prosecutor and/or court personnel on your behalf, working with you to put together any evidence requirements, negotiating a resolution subject to your approval, and handling paperwork and banking, such as the purchase of cashier's checks for any court costs. We can help you no matter where you are located, and no matter what court your ticket is in.

We have a firm understanding of the county and municipal traffic judges, prosecutors, and court personnel and their policies.

Your driving record is precious. It should be treated as well as or better than your credit history.