Do you or know someone

who needs to obtain a visa to enter the United States? The Charles Brown Law Firm provides immigration solutions in the following areas: .

  • Family Immigration Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Business Immigration Visas
  • Removal/Deportation Cases
  • Asylum Cases
  • Victim's of Crime Visa
  • Cancellation of Removal Cases
  • Adjustment of Status Cases
  • Labor Certification
  • Employment Based Visas

As immigration lawyers, we can advise and assist companies in the employment of foreign individuals. We have an experienced and diverse office staff with the ability to translate Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Pakastani Filipino dialects, and Farsi. The firm is experienced in both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Why use an Immigration Attorney?

Immigration law is such a diverse and continuously changing field. We believe that every person challenged by the perplexities of coordination with the Federal Government should use every available resource to process their claim, paperwork or court appearances in the most efficient manner possible.

A trained immigration attorney can take charge of the case or application and allow the applicant or respondent to have guidance and counsel to enable the shortest/best path to the most favorable results.

Answer these questions when contacting us

  • Do you have a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident husband/wife, a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident mother/father, US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident son/daughter?
  • Do you have an overseas Fiancèe?
  • What is your current visa status? Do you have current or expired papers?
  • Are you a Nurse, Physical Therapist , Medical Doctor, Dentist, Business Person, Artist, Athlete, Religious worker or Engineer?
  • Are you an F-1 student at a US school needing an extension of stay? Do you want to be a US student?
  • Have you received a Notice To Appear from the Department of Homeland Security? Are you presently in Removal proceedings?
  • Do you need a Travel Document?
  • Has your application been denied by BCIS?