Many cases of DUI/DWI get dismissed

on simple technicalities. An experienced legal expert in this field will know exactly what to look out for, and will be aware of the various loopholes that can mean the difference between a successful charge or a dismissal of charges.

Fighting For Your Best Possible Outcome

Excellent criminal representation is your surest route to preserving your driving privileges when you have been arrested for drunk driving. It also offers your best chance to keep a clear criminal record.

Examining the Field Tests, the Breath Test, and the Arrest

We are often able to prevent license suspension by presenting gaps in the evidence obtained through field tests and the Intoxilyzer breath test at the time of your arrest. We also frequently uncover violations of search and seizure laws, resulting in case dismissals.

Even if your license has been suspended, our lawyers can endeavor to help you obtain an occupational license, if at all possible.

Our Goal: Your Freedom

Our goal is to keep you on the road--working and taking care of your family. We pledge to make sure that every stone is turned and every path considered when determining how to resolve your DWI case.

We have a firm understanding of the county and municipal traffic judges, prosecutors, and court personnel and their policies.